“If Church were cooler…”

If church were cooler, more people be involved. Because that's what Jesus wanted. The church to be cool, up-to-date, and self-satisfying. If you know nothing about me, know this: I love Jesus, the Church (capital-C), and sarcasm. Believe me, I am considered a "millennial;"  I can't say that I agree with the way church runs. … Continue reading “If Church were cooler…”

For Him To Us

Last week we talked about how the story of redemption is completely about glorifying and giving attention to God. This time we're going to focus on what that story, when centralized on God, really means for you and I. I'm not necessarily talking about what we get out of redemption but more of how it … Continue reading For Him To Us

He did it for Him

I understand that not everyone cares about this whole "Jesus thing." In fact, statistically speaking, there's a good chance you really do not care. There's a better chance you follow some other "religion" or just don't care about any of them. Then again... most people that visit this site will probably already be Followers, but … Continue reading He did it for Him

“Go.” Or don’t.

For anyone who isn't sure about this whole "Jesus thing" you should understand that the ultimate millennial-aged Christian's goal is to travel to a poor, third-world country and visit orphaned children who need a white person to play soccer with (please note there is some sarcasm in my words). I say this because I myself … Continue reading “Go.” Or don’t.

As the World Turns…

As the world turns, we stay still. Crazy thought, huh? That is completely irrelevant to what is about to unfold. Our Matchbox crew had a crazy idea to start this blog (blogging is the missing puzzle-piece to our own hipster-ality). Our ultimate hope is to show and share about our own experiences and understandings. We … Continue reading As the World Turns…

The Story

This is the story of Everything: God created the heavens, earth, and all that exists in six days. On the seventh, He rested. God put a man, Adam, in the Garden of Eden and later gave him a companion named Eve. Adam and Eve lived in harmony with God until they were tempted and disobeyed … Continue reading The Story