As the World Turns…

As the world turns, we stay still. Crazy thought, huh? That is completely irrelevant to what is about to unfold. Our Matchbox crew had a crazy idea to start this blog (blogging is the missing puzzle-piece to our own hipster-ality). Our ultimate hope is to show and share about our own experiences and understandings. We all agree our greatest experience is embracing the hope and restoration of Jesus Christ. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I know, I know. I went there. Through this blog we want to allow each and every reader to embrace the love and transformation we have received. Hopefully, the modern day vision of “religion” and “Christianity” can be something that is restored into a positive title rather than a derogatory term through this mode of outreach/vision/perspective, whatever you want to call it.

We’re people. We mess up. We need forgiveness. We need acceptance and inclusion. As cliche as it is, WE GET IT. We do. We strive to live like Jesus. And in doing so, we want to love like Jesus. Through this blog, we never want to condemn. We want people to be restored with truth and hope. We hope you are entertained. Or taught. Or something cool…We hope you are ready to start this journey with us. Deuces. Matthew 5:14-15.


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