“If Church were cooler…”

If church were cooler, more people be involved.

Because that’s what Jesus wanted. The church to be cool, up-to-date, and self-satisfying.

If you know nothing about me, know this: I love Jesus, the Church (capital-C), and sarcasm. Believe me, I am considered a “millennial;”  I can’t say that I agree with the way church runs. That is me being honest. If you know nothing about church, the average service I experience is: music, hand shakes and fist bumps, music, offering, preaching, then leave to go eat. And clapping: A. Lot. Of. Clapping. Being honest with myself and you, I often focus on the “wrongs” of the modern church service. But there’s more to Church (capital-C) than that.

In Acts 2 we get a great layout of the beginning of the Church through the apostles teaching God’s word. (If you haven’t happened upon this chapter in the New Testament, GO READ IT). Toward the end of the chapter we see that they met together daily in fellowship and worship. They loved each other, glorified Jesus, and cared for others. They even gathered their possessions together and sold them, distributing the profit to those in need. What?! Why? Bunch of Jesus freaks. But we can understand something necessary to the Church. The goal of the Church is to glorify God, love people, and share the redemptive action of Jesus.

Church doesn’t have to be a cool experience. It isn’t to be a formal setting where we all sit in suits and ties and listen to a reading of passage until we go home. It isn’t a good-ole fashioned Southern shindig with mandolins, banjos, and epic renditions of “I’ll Fly Away” (which David Crowder makes awesome). This church thing isn’t about how well you like or how much you dislike a service or sermon. I’m guilty of that. The Church is about a community fighting to share the message and hope of Jesus Christ, by glorifying God and loving people. A group of people who come together for those in need, who generously give to those in need, and praise Jesus’s name.

Church doesn’t have to be cool. What’s cool is living our purpose out as the Church. (*Given, church can be more effective: different sermon, different day).

Love people more. Praise Jesus. And seriously, go read Acts 2.

Peace out. Sayonara. Deuces fam.


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