A Little Churchin’ in It

Last week I talked about what a (Church/church) is and I kind of got impatient with the Church half and spoiled this week a little bit. Oh well. This is a topic I am pretty passionate about, so hopefully you can pick something up from this. The Church is a family of believers that anyone and everyone … Continue reading A Little Churchin’ in It

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

I would like to get a little personal with you. This is not something I like talking about normally. Not out of fear. Or regret (maybe partially regret). But this comes out of sheer embarrassment. I hit prime elementary school/ almost middle school in the mid 2000s. The coolest of the cool were doing something. … Continue reading Shine Bright Like a Diamond

What’s Church?

Hey, I’m the new guy and I may or may not be relatively young and/or directly related to one of the original writers of this blog; however, I feel I may have enough experience and knowledge to help out or at least entertain some people for a few minutes. I’ll be writing every Wednesday, so … Continue reading What’s Church?

OK, Here’s the Situation…

  OK. Here's the situation. I just typed 300 words on this post and Jesus told me to hold up. Hopefully, you were able to read Alex's post from last Thursday. What he did was cool. And true. Rough days. They hit us all. What Alex displayed was a picture of reality. For us as Christians. … Continue reading OK, Here’s the Situation…


So us Americans (or as us culturally relevant say, 'Mericans) just put our patriotism on full display this past Monday. 4th of July is our day. We proudly stand up. We wear red, white, and blue tank tops; cutoff jean shorts; and our boots. We cook meat. We light stuff on fire and watch it … Continue reading Freeeeeeedooooommmmm!