Although I originally intended to continue on with Galatians 5 this week, I was unexpectedly too busy with my job this week. So, with all hope and aspiration, I plan to continue on with my originally scheduled topic next week.

Also, I usually write in a different style, and you can see that here.

So this week, I’m going to tell a  short story (from my life). I work at a beautiful camp located near Greenville, South Carolina, and I’m actually lucky enough to live there for the entire summer.

Although I could tell you a story about the awesome campers I get the opportunity to be around or the Christ-following staffers I get to work with, I think telling you about the night I was ready to give up would be better.

A couple weeks ago, I had a rough day. My campers weren’t exactly my biggest fans. I had some problems with a co-worker. And my time with the Lord had been scarce. So naturally I took the time I had before bed to take a midnight walk and pray.

As I was praying, I was complaining about the problems I had and how I felt like I could do nothing about them. I poured out to God about how I had no desire to finish this week and that I would do better next time. I was just going and going without stopping for God to speak. Then, all of a sudden, I felt led to stop and look up.

For this story to make sense, it’s critical to understand how at this camp, it has barely any light at night, is located at a lake, and is surrounded by a forrest. So, when I looked up, I saw countless constellations, a full moon, a reflection on the lake, and a brigtened forest.

I can’t justly describe the beauty of that moment in words, but I immediately stopped worrying about the supposed world-ending problems I had just moments before. In the presence of our creator, I was able to see how in control God is. My problems became minuscule, and I was able to finish the week knowing that God was greater than whatever I was struggling to get through.

And, yes, it did fix my problems.

In summary, I saw God’s creation in such a natural way that caused me to think of nothing but of how great He is.

I’m not the first to think this either. In Psalm 8:1, we see David write:

“Yahweh, our Lord, how magnificent is Your name throughout the earth! You have covered the heavens with Your majesty.”

It’s important to see that he chooses to say, “Your name,” as compared to “You.” It’s not the Lord and not something to worship, but it shows and makes known His existence.

Everything from the intricacy of the smallest cell of the smallest organism to the largest part of the largest galaxy in the never-ending universe loudly proclaims the name of the Lord.

How can we not believe in and trust the Creator?

Get it,


 Twitter: @AlexHolcomb09 // Instagram: @alexandercholcomb

Cover Photo: SAphotography

Special thanks to my friends who brainstormed a topic for this week 8 hours before this was originally posted.

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