What Time is It?

I am a person who likes to be very overly organized. I have three planners. That’s an embarrassing fact, but I have a daily, weekly, and monthly planner. Yes, I use all of them, yes, they are all ridiculously adorable, and yes, they’re filled in with cute colored pens. But, as I’ve grown older, God … Continue reading What Time is It?

Hungry, Hungry, Peoples.

I love food. Sometimes I don't know how much I love food. "What are you talking about, Sam?" I just had my wisdom teeth taken out. This limits a person's ability to eat. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. My worst nightmare. I've been on a stable diet jello, soup, ice cream, and lukewarm coffee. I don't hate these foods. But … Continue reading Hungry, Hungry, Peoples.

First Thing’s First

We can get our priorities mixed up all the time. It's extremely easy to do and we all do it. Sometimes we concentrate on work too much and don't give enough attention to our families, or sometimes we are involved in sports and can forget about practically everything. I get my priorities mixed up. I'm … Continue reading First Thing’s First

Sand to Stars

This week, Matchbox is excited to bring in an old friend and new writer to the team. She has a unique, refreshing voice and mindset that, not only our blog, but also the members of the Church who take the time will benefit from reading. Whether one thousand or one dozen people read her thoughts, … Continue reading Sand to Stars

Dear Heart, Please Shut Up.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone looked at this title and thought "I don't want to read that", so good for you all who read it any way. My youth pastor spoke on this topic (sort of) a little while back and ruined a really good song for me. It was called "Follow your Heart" … Continue reading Dear Heart, Please Shut Up.