You Aren’t Good Enough

I know what you’re thinking: “This post seems joyful.” Stick with me. Something I have always been taught is that in whatever you do, work your hardest and give your all. Sports. Work. Relationships. School. Most of us have had someone tell us this. Its great advice.  But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we fail. Sometimes we do not feel adequate enough to complete a task, or carry on with a relationship, or fulfill a specific role. Sometimes it seems our hard work doesn’t always pay off. Sometimes we just don’t feel good enough. So guess what? We aren’t good enough.

Us humans can literally be the worst. We don’t like to take advice or direction. We don’t like to listen. Adam and Eve couldn’t not eat the fruit. The nation of Israel couldn’t listen to the Almighty for crying out loud (COL: is that a thing? Oh well…ONWARD!). That being said, why is it so hard for us to listen? To our parents, friends, pastors, teachers, or even God sometimes. Well, we like to think we know whats best. We like to think that what we desire or want is what’s best. We like to assume that we are okay on our own. But in reality we aren’t. We need something extra. We need something besides a strong will and desirable work ethic.

Take a look at Romans 6:23:

For the wages of sin is death…

Pretty self explanatory. Sin=Death. Sin is an act that goes against the will or direction of God. On our own, we are sinful. We choose ME over HE. “But Sam, are you telling me this sin stuff is going to cause me to die?” Well…yeah. This wasn’t the plan, but when sin entered the picture in Genesis, death entered the world. A life full of sin is only good enough to earn eternal death.

Because we are sinful we just aren’t good enough. “Dude, what am I not good enough for? College? My job? My parents? My girlfriend? She’s fine so I don’t want see her disappear.” That isn’t necessarily what I am talking about right now. But they have something in common. All of these things are set in place by God. The Creator of the universe and you. We aren’t good enough for God.


God came through. Sin caused a permanent divide between God’s people and God. In the Old Testament you’ll see people restoring themselves to God through priests and sacrifices. People never had a direct connection to God. They only related to God through a High Priest. It would be being married but you had another person carrying conversations between you and your spouse, and when you failed them you had to kill and animal to make amends. Crazy, I know. ENTER JESUS. God sends Jesus into the world to end our divide with God. Jesus becomes the ultimate sacrifice. Jesus becomes a way to allow us to be good enough. Through Jesus’s death on the cross, our sins are forgiven. Jesus (God in flesh–literally God in human form) gave His life in order to allow us to have life. Because of Jesus’s death we are able to be good enough.

Ephesian 1:7 says, “We have redemption in Him through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.” Because of His blood, we are redeemed. Our debt of sin is paid in full. Our spiritual credit debt is forgiven. God’s grace (getting what we don’t deserve–forgiveness of our sin) makes us good enough to come before God. Because of Jesus we have the chance of spending eternity with God. Eternity. Literally live forever in the presence of I Am.

Remember Romans 6:23? I left something out:

“For the wages of sin is death…BUT the gift of God is eternal life.

God gives us hope. God forgives us, allowing us to finally be good enough to be in community with Him. We can finally have a relationship with our God.

Sometimes we don’t feel good enough. We try our best but we still feel incompetent. But praise God He gives us a way to be good enough. Good enough to have community with Him. To have community with Jesus. To have community with our fellow believers. When we live in pursuit of Jesus we are good enough. Nothing can stop us. We won’t stop. We can’t stop. Everything we do we do for the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). When our tasks are done in His name we can never fail. Seek your worth in God. We have been redeemed. We are His. With Jesus, you are good enough.

There isn’t anything you can do or I can do that makes us good enough. We become enough by the grace of God, sacrificing his son to replace the void between Creator and creation.

Catch a fish. Buy someone’s dinner. Love someone.



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