Hungry, Hungry, Peoples.

I love food. Sometimes I don’t know how much I love food. “What are you talking about, Sam?” I just had my wisdom teeth taken out. This limits a person’s ability to eat. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. My worst nightmare. I’ve been on a stable diet jello, soup, ice cream, and lukewarm coffee. I don’t hate these foods. But I love tacos, fried chicken, biscuits, hamburgers, you know? Real food. I’ve been in a constant state of hunger since Friday.

We’ve probably all been hungry at some point. Especially if you have spent a significant amount of time in college. When we’re hungry we are “having a desire, craving, or need for food.” We desire to be filled with food. We crave food. “Alright Sam, how does this relate to this Jesus thing?” Being human we crave food. Food allows us to survive. As Christians we should crave Jesus. Jesus allows us live. 

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

Matthew 5:6

When we’re hungry what do we do? We get in the car and go get a frenchie fry and a peachy Mello Yello (for those of you that don’t understand, I apologize). Or crack open the pizza box from a couple nights ago. We have an emptiness we have to fill. Similarly, when we truly desire Jesus we hunger for a righteousness only a relationship with Christ can fill.

In Matthew 5 Jesus speaks to his disciples during the Sermon on the Mount. In verse 6 Jesus uses a relatable state to compare his disciples to their relationship to him. More than likely, the disciples knew the severity of being hungry or thirsty. When one hungers, food can suffice. When one thirsts, water can suffice. When we hunger for righteousness only a relationship with Jesus can suffice.When we hunger for Jesus and his righteousness, we desire to understand Jesus, to love Jesus, to live like Jesus, to serve like Jesus.We hunger for transformation. He hunger for his teaching and wisdom. We hunger for fellowship with Him.

Watch this short video. (This is Francis Chan…if you don’t know him you should.


This is a hilarious thought from a very prominent disciple of Jesus. If you can’t watch it, here is a quick recap. Francis Chan starts off talking about the game “Simon says.” Everyone knows that game. But in church “Jesus says” is a totally different game. When Simon says something you do it. When Jesus says something, we memorize it. We don’t have to do it, jut memorize it. Like the great commission. “Go make disciples.” He says when he tells his daughter to clean her room she doesn’t come back and say “I know what you said.” Or “I’ve got some friends coming over and we’re going to have a study on what it looks like to clean my room.”

When we hunger for Jesus, His words speak more to us than something we should memorize so we can bring it up at the right time. It means understanding what Jesus is saying. For taking his teaching and transforming those words into action through our lives. Our hunger leads us into a lifestyle of filling ourselves with who Jesus is, and how Jesus should live in us.

“…I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”

John 6:35

Our hunger and thirst for Jesus is quenched by finding fellowship with Him. A relationship. Where we spend time in trying to understand Him. Where we worship Him. Where we speak to Him. Where we allow Him to speak to us.

It’s easy to try to fill ourselves with things other than fellowship with Jesus. A life portrayed after Jesus isn’t easy. But the fulfillment we receive from Him is like nothing else we can gain.

Spiritually, we all need biscuits and Jesus is the baker.

You can be a World Changer. Love Jesus. Go hiking.



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