Who Even Are You?

Hello! You may have noticed the new domain! We're super excited that we have been able to upgrade to something more (for lack of a better word) legit. We've been writing so much over the past few months and are very thankful for those of you who have been reading. You all give us drive … Continue reading Who Even Are You?

Walk It Out (pt.2)

Last week I asked you to think about and process Jeremiah 29:11 for a little bit. If you didn't, it's okay. This is a verse I've never paid a whole lot of attention to because it's so often used by pastors and others, which doesn't make sense for me not to have studied  it closer. But, anyways, … Continue reading Walk It Out (pt.2)

Be Still and Know

As a senior in high school, there are a lot of things on my plate right now. For a not so detrimental example, I have a probability and statistics test today. Am I ready for it? Probably not. For a significantly more detrimental example, I have almost no clue what to study in college next … Continue reading Be Still and Know

The Good Portion

Last week, I introduced the topic of being busy. The text I put along with it is not exactly related to busyness in reality, but what it seems to mean is terribly important. So, let's get into it. Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him … Continue reading The Good Portion

Walk it out (pt.1)

Having faith can be difficult. For me, it's one of my biggest struggles. Putting my life and my future into the hands of someone I have never physically met is a challenge for me. So, this week I want to present a verse to you that you have probably heard before but I can never … Continue reading Walk it out (pt.1)

Follower vs. Performer

So if I could give advice to any follower of Christ about following Christ it would be this: it isn't easy. "Good advice, bro.." Yeah, I know. Cliche. It doesn't help anything. When I was in youth at my church we went to a Winter concert/overnight trip. For three days we heard multiple speakers and … Continue reading Follower vs. Performer


Hey fam(optional: ily), As I write this on a Friday afternoon, it's quite clear that I wasn't ready to post this week. College is hard. Work is exhausting. Newspapers have deadlines. Things are busier than usual. For those who haven't felt that yet, it's coming. For those that have, you understand. So, in light of … Continue reading Busy?