Election Day Solace

I am not the one writing today, but I am honored to introduce the guy that is. I met Justin as a co-Boys & Girls Club worker earlier this year and have received constant uplifiting and encouraging words from him. I am thrilled for you to have a look into the mind of a person I … Continue reading Election Day Solace

Grace? She passed away thirty years ago!

Okay, the title is mostly irrelevant other than the fact that it has the word grace in it. I just really like that movie (who doesn't?). Today we'll talk a little bit about grace and how amazing it is. By definition, grace is the free and unmerited favor of God. It is something that we don't … Continue reading Grace? She passed away thirty years ago!

The Parable of Cinderella

Do you ever feel like you're always being put down? Do you ever think you're being taken for granted? Sometimes we can feel alone when we deal with this, but guess what! You're not the only one. As I've said in the past, Disney is a big part of my life! And, I think we … Continue reading The Parable of Cinderella

Let’s Hear it for the Girls!

If there's something I have a great understanding of, it isn't women. But something I understand (thanks to teaching and correction) is respect toward women. Most of us have heard the grotesque words that came from the mouth of a famous non-politician politician. Less of us have probably heard about the NFL kicker who admittedly … Continue reading Let’s Hear it for the Girls!

Consume Without Ceasing

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I've written (save editing and an introduction) for Matchbox. A while back,, we talked about being busy, and while what we'll discuss today is somewhat similar, it's a bit more personal. We live in a society that's obsessed with consumption. Entertainment is always constantly feeding us advertisements pleading … Continue reading Consume Without Ceasing

Inflexible & Incapable

Matchbox is excited to announce a new writer! Personally,  I've known this friend of ours for 16 years, 6 months, and 18 days. She's one of the funniest and most thoughtful people I know, and I'm SO excited she has decided to join the team. Unfortunately, we haven't talked her into being a weekly contributor, but expect for her to … Continue reading Inflexible & Incapable

His Testimony

You've heard a little bit about my testimony here and there but today we are going to talk about someone else's. Jesus'... Oftentimes we don't think of Jesus having a personal testimony but He does. We don't picture Him getting up in front of His church and telling people how he devoted His life to Himself, … Continue reading His Testimony