Show off

This year I joined my church’s youth band. People tell us we’re great but we don’t exactly love to “perform”. We don’t mind to play for the youth on Wednesday nights but we aren’t exactly elated to play for anyone else. Most of us don’t like to be in front of people anyway, but we groan and moan if we’re asked to play for anyone else. Now, I’m not soap-boxing to show you that I’m upset that we’ve been asked to play in “big church” every month, my perspective as changed.

A couple weeks ago when our youth/interim Pastor proposed this idea, none of us wanted to do it, but we reluctantly agreed to it. We have to get up even earlier on Sunday morning and practice for forty-five minutes or so to prepare for the service and that sounds horrible to a teenager. However, someone spoke to me about the desire to play last week and I thought about it. “Well sure I don’t love to play all of the time but I will.” As a band we take it seriously when we need to, but we don’t love to do it. One of the best ways I connect with Jesus is through worship. I just can feel His presence through music even when I’m not singing. My hair stands on end, I get cold chills, and my hands seem to raise on their own. I love it. So, if I feel like that when worship why wouldn’t I jump at every opportunity to lead someone else in worship? That’s a great question.

My church is mainly traditional, as are most in where I live. We sing mainly hymns and even when we sing contemporary songs they have a hymn-type sound, there is nothing wrong with that. However, most of our young people love contemporary music, again there is nothing wrong with that. The thing is, what is contemporary to older people is a hymn to us. I’m not saying that if you only sing hymns and no contemporary you’re sinning or vice versa. I’m just saying that we have different understandings of what christian contemporary music is, yet I and several others are in a position where we can introduce our version of contemporary and make that more popular, but we don’t take advantage of it.

I started out writing this to show how sometimes we don’t give our all for Jesus, but it turned into a message ( I use that term very loosely) of using the platform God has given us to ultimately  glorify Him. Not everyone connects with God in the same way. I have been given the opportunity to teach others a new way to worship and haven’t done a good job of doing that. We must use or gifts and play forms. We gotta show off for Jesus!

Based on the gift each one has received, use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God.

1 Peter 4:10

/// @isaac12n ///

Fun fact: Small amounts of stress can actually improve your memory.


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