His Testimony

You’ve heard a little bit about my testimony here and there but today we are going to talk about someone else’s. Jesus’…

Oftentimes we don’t think of Jesus having a personal testimony but He does. We don’t picture Him getting up in front of His church and telling people how he devoted His life to Himself, because He didn’t. God’s testimony is, you guessed it, the greatest testimony. It’s more powerful than the testimony of a drug user who gave his life to Christ in a port-a-potty and more interesting than the testimony of a missionary who risked it all to share the Gospel. We can connect with  His testimony better than any other.

And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.

1 John 5:11

God’s testimony is actually a lot like ours in a way. We give our lives to our Heavenly Father. We devote our time and effort into knowing him. God is the same way but almost the opposite. Jesus gave His life for us. Jesus wants to know us in the same way we want to know him.

For us the ultimate sacrifice would be our lives. Sometimes we see our lives as not our souls, but our priorities, possessions, and desires. Jesus gave that same sacrifice. Honestly, I’ve never thought of Jesus in this way until yesterday. Our testimonies ultimately reflect His Testimony. Jesus gave up everything for us. He loved us so much that he gave up everything so we could be made righteous.We have been made righteous through Him not ourselves.

Jesus is our advocate. Normally an advocate supports someone else, but Jesus is in favor of Himself. Why shouldn’t He be? We’re horribly sinful, falling short over and over, Jesus shows His righteousness instead of our “goodness”. God is faithful and just. When we sin God isn’t still judging us for that sin, He already judged our sins when Jesus took them on. If God still judged us for our sin then there would have been no purpose in the crucifixion. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t repent it means that we shouldn’t feel like God is judging us. We are free in His everlasting love. We are free to rest in His reception of our repentance.

We haven’t done anything to deserve this. We are not forgiven for what we will do but because of what Jesus has done.  None of our works measure up to what Jesus did on the cross. Our works alone will not save us. Likewise, our faith alone will not save us. Faith is never a noun. Faith is always an action verb. If we truly have faith in out Lord and Savior our works will be driven by our faith. We must actively pursue faith.

Our faith is in and through Jesus Christ. It is His Testimony that ultimately saves us, not our own. Jesus is the greatest advocate for us. He argues for us with the evidence of what He did for us.


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Fun Fact:The wing span of a 747 is longer than the Wright Brother’s first flight. (Source: National Geographic: Weird but True!)

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