The Parable of Cinderella

Do you ever feel like you’re always being put down? Do you ever think you’re being taken for granted? Sometimes we can feel alone when we deal with this, but guess what! You’re not the only one.

As I’ve said in the past, Disney is a big part of my life! And, I think we can relate a lot of lessons and stories from Disney into our daily lives – like a modern (and magical) parable. Cinderella, for example, was put down and taken for granted.

Cinderella is a great illustration of those who feel that way. She served her sisters constantly by cooking, bringing them meals, cleaning up after them, and doing their laundry. All the while, they just made her feel unappreciated by yelling and fussing at her throughout her hard work.

A lot of times, that’s what the world can do to us. It can wear us out and make us feel not important or worthless even when we’re doing good things for it. This hits home for a lot of girls. Yes, guys, too, but 7 in 10 girls think they aren’t good enough in what they do and how they look thanks to the words and actions of others whether directly or indirectly.

Like Cinderella’s family, the world around us is very demanding. We can be pushed and pulled in every direction. And God knows it. He uses this to teach us to rely on Him throughout the good times and the bad even when it seems like everyone around us is an evil step-sister.

Here’s a verse that reminds me that, if I trust in him wholly, God has good plans for me:

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. 

Psalm 125:1

God loves and cares about us more than anyone could, but in this example, God is our Prince Charming. He wants us to find refuge in him from the stress and sadness the world causes us and fill us with joy as we trust in him.

-Neely Bird

Twitter: @neelyliz // Instagram: @neely.liz

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