‘All I Need Is You’: Hanging on Him When It’s Hard

Judah Smith, author of Jesus Is ___. and pastor of The City Church in Seattle, Washington, recently released his new book, How’s Your Soul?. The book explores practical ways on how to stay spiritually healthy in a busy lifestyle. It is currently 20% off, and you can get it on Amazon today! Christmas present? Oh yeah. Click the image … Continue reading ‘All I Need Is You’: Hanging on Him When It’s Hard

The Thanksgiving Post

Dear Reader, Happy Thanksgiving. In this post, nearly all of the Matchbox team will be expressing thanks, and I am no exception. So, to be simple, I am thankful for you. More than likely, someone on the team knows you, and you've likely been here to read our words before. Thank you for supporting us … Continue reading The Thanksgiving Post

Who Is at Your Table?

Did you see yesterday's post? We talked about getting high. As Sam would say, Check it. At one time, in all of our lives, we feel like we have been wronged. Everyone has that moment where they feel like someone has done something bad to them. Or, sometimes we even see someone doing something wrong. They're not … Continue reading Who Is at Your Table?

Getting High

Wait! Did you miss Sam's post yesterday? Check it out here. Don't worry. Sophia will still be here when you get back. We've all gone to some kind of conference, concert, revival, camp, mission trip, whatever and had the time of our lives. The music is great. The speaker is funny. Everybody is in skinny jeans … Continue reading Getting High

Holiday, Schmoliday.

I am writing late tonight. I apologize. Kind of. Life is busy.   One of our writers shows great admiration for Thanksgiving (she wrote about it once). Thanksgiving is a time of periodic gratitude, family get-togethers, good food, bad food, too much food, and early Christmas celebrators. I am the latter. Christmas lights are dope. … Continue reading Holiday, Schmoliday.

but God

Before I was even born, people have always made predictions about what bad things would or wouldn't happen to me, but God has always ended up doing something amazing and beautiful to prove them wrong. According to some medical professionals, I was never supposed to make it here. Even after God had His way and … Continue reading but God