Do you talk to Jesus only when you need Him?

Reading a devotion or your bible everyday can be hard sometimes, especially for teenagers. We either don’t make the time and say we’re too busy, or we actually find five minutes in our day to skim a couple of verses and then say a quick prayer to please everyone including Jesus.

I will admit, I don’t study God’s word nearly as often as I should. When I was younger I used to read a year-long devotion but I was young and still didn’t completely understand what I was reading or how to apply that to my life. Eventually I became bored with reading things I couldn’t understand, so what did I do, quit. I had heard things like “studying before you go to sleep is pointless, why put on the Armor of God to go to sleep.” This caused me to try in the mornings, which failed because I’m simply not a morning person and couldn’t focus.

Later on, I finally learned how to read the bible. It wasn’t “just read it really well untill you understand it”, it takes a little more effort than that. You can paraphrase scriptures, cross-reference, and ask yourself basic questions like: Who wrote this? Why? To whom were they writing? If you don’t understand afterwards, ask someone what that scripture means and how you can actually apply it to your life.

Even though I had a road map for my “road map”, I still felt lost. I didn’t know what to read. Sometimes I would just open my bible and study the first verse I saw. I couldn’t find any genuinely interesting devotions, and without one, I was aimless.

I finally found devotion apps that I could relate to and focus in on. I also began to write some of my thoughts in a notebook, which, if you don’t do, I highly recommend. Writing your thoughts, questions, and prayers down can be super useful, help you focus, and to retain what you have studied.

What I realized through this seemingly not-so-detrimental struggle was the importance of time alone with God. He gives really great advice and is never wrong about anything. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, wants to spend time each day with us in peace. It doesn’t make sense to me that he wants to spend time to us speakin and listening. He is so holy yet I am so weak, but it’s true Jesus want to talk to us daily.

Praying for what you have read can also help with the application of verses. Asking others for an explanation involves community and discipleship which can help us grow too.

I would not say that life is easier if you study God’s word everyday. Most of us do have busy schedules and sometimes what we read can cause us to really question our hearts and we don’t always like for our faults to be pointed out, but life will seem so much clearer when you spend time with God. Doesn’t that seem kind of obvious. Talking to an omnipotent God is so crucial in our daily lives.

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing comes through the word of ChristRomans 10:17

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Fun Fact: A dime has 118 ridges around the edge. (Credit: National Institutes of Health)

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