Getting High

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We’ve all gone to some kind of conference, concert, revival, camp, mission trip, whatever and had the time of our lives. The music is great. The speaker is funny. Everybody is in skinny jeans with really nice shoes, and you meet really cool people.

We come out feeling super blessed, close to God, and on a “spiritual high.” Spiritual highs are when you feel like you and God are closer than ever before, make big commitments to God and are super excited about being a follower. After these highs, you think nothing can change the way you feel about God now, and you tell yourself – and God – that this spiritual high will last forever.

A few months down the road, however, you’re back to living how you were before the event you attended. But, never fear. After another few months down the same road, you hear that a conference, concert, revival, whatever is happening in a few weeks and you think, “Yes! Maybe this weekend will help me finally get back to God.”

After multiple times of doing this myself, I finally realized I don’t need a certain event to feel, know or worship God. I mean, these events are fun and a great learning experience, but conferences aren’t necessary to live our lives for Jesus. Read what Hebrews says.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

So, while you were at that conference last week and the lights were really cool and the band played your favorite song 10 times, Jesus Christ was Jesus Christ. And while you’re back in the real world doing homework for a class you hate, Jesus Christ was STILL Jesus Christ. And this summer when you go to camp, Jesus Christ will be Jesus Christ. And when you’re at your home church singing an old Gospel song that’s just awful, Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ.

That means all the emotions you felt at the last event you went to, you can still feel anywhere. He is still the Savior of the world that loves you unconditionally and is able to give new life!

Don’t get caught up in the events because Jesus is the same everywhere and always. So, let’s praise him everywhere and always.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
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