Why Matchbox is so serious

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Hey! And, if no one has told you yet, happy Christmas! I hope that you got an opportunity to read the Thanksgiving post published yesterday. If you read it, you know that almost all of the Matchbox team contributed to writing the blog. That’s super exciting, and because of that, I feel like this is a good time to explain to you all why we take this blog so seriously.

If you’ve ever wondered why we are so serious about Matchbox, you’re not alone. I get asked… a lot. Everyone from parents, friends, friends of friends, strangers and even some of those people who write here have asked why we take the blog so seriously. So, here’s some of the top reasons that we care so much about Matchbox.

We talk about God.
We talk about the Creator of everything, and our existence is dependent on him. Although this is the most pertinent reason, it is the hardest for me to put it into words. The amount of carefulness that needs to be held when teaching about him cannot be easily or fully expressed. If we talk about him in an incorrect way, we have seriously messed up. We have, at the minimal level, taken the Lord’s name in vain, and that’s not minimal.

Furthermore, our God is greater than all. He deserves to be written about in a accurate, representative way. He is the all-knowing, omnipresent, powerful Lord that we serve, and we want to uplift him in the way that we write. If you need more visual on this, check out Isaiah 6.

We’re teaching.
The readers who spend a lot of time on this website have likely learned some fact or seen something they already knew in a different perspective, and that’s definitely one of our goals for each post. As teachers, we have to make sure we speak correctly and explain what we mean in clear way. We have to be careful with the way we talk. As people who teach, we have a larger responsibility and put ourselves in a different position than non-teachers. What I am talking about is explicitly expressed in the Bible.

“Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.”
James 3:1 (Please read this in context if you’re confused)

People (actually) read this.
If nobody were reading this blog, it wouldn’t matter as much if we taught incorrectly. We would be doing ourselves an injustice, but nobody else would be affected by our sin. We’re lucky -maybe blessed – enough to have a decent amount of readers to this blog. I really am thankful for it, but it does put a bit of a burden on our back to write truth and not mislead.

Now, I do understand that the majority of our visitors don’t necessarily come here to learn, and some are even much more knowledgeable than, at the very least, me. (If we ever say anything wrong, you should let us know). However, we never want to risk misleading a believer, and with the readership of a “large” church* each week, we have the opportunity to fail. Why wouldn’t we take that seriously?

In summary, we are serious about this blog because we teach about God to people who then read what we say. And, whether 3 or 300 people are reading our words, we desire to glorify and represent God.

What I am saying is that I don’t take this seriously because I want to make money from advertising books. I don’t take this seriously because I’m a Journalism major and need something on my résumé. And absolutely none of us take this seriously because we want to lift ourselves up. No.

We are serious about Matchbox because we are serious about God.

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*We are not a church. This was said for comparison. But if you don’t have a Church family, finding one would be one of the best decisions you could make!



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