God is wasting time and energy on you.

If someone doesn’t deserve your love and doesn’t love you back would you still love them?

Most of us wouldn’t even respond to that question because the answer seems so painfully obvious, “No.” But I know some one who might not answer the same because it seems so obvious to them. His name is Jesus, and His answer to that same question is a resounding, “Absolutely!”

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Hear me out, please. You have probably already rolled your eyes after reading that verse thinking, “What could he possibly have to say about John 3:16 that I haven’t heard before?” And you may not learn anything new reading this but reminders are always helpful.

I just want to look at the first few words of this verse, “For God so loved the world.” Some people might look at that and think he only loves those who love Him back, but thankfully those people would be wrong.

The verse does not say “God loved some of the world,” or, “God loved those who loved Him back.” The verse says, “God so loved the world,” and that means everyone. If God only loved those who returned the favor, then God wouldn’t have sent His Son because Jesus wouldn’t have had anybody to die for.

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Some people would tell God he is wasting His time on a lost cause. God knows the future and who will and will not accept Him into their hearts, yet he choose to sacrifice for all people. God sent Jesus to cover the sins of all people, (John 3:17) but why would God require Jesus to take on the weight of sin that would never be forgiven?

Love. There is no explanation other than love. Christ died so that everyone would have the opportunity to be loved and pardoned by God.

Most of us have heard about the puppy dog love at the beginning of a relationship, but after that feeling has left, the decision is up to us weather we want to love that person. In other words, when passion wears off, it is time to make the decision to love.

We have to decide; even if this person isn’t a ray of sunshine right now, or if this person isn’t treating me perfectly, am I still going to show them love?

God made that decision; the decision to love us and send his Son. It wasn’t spontaneous or a choice made out of feeling, but a thought out, active decision on God’s part to love all.


Fun Fact: A newborn kangaroo is about the same length as a paperclip! (Credit: National Geographic Kids)

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