A narrative of Jesus’ birth in the perspective of the innkeeper

So there I was, just like every night, running from guest to guest in my inn. Ever since tax season had rolled around, my inn was packed with guests in every single room possible. It had been a while since I had this many people in this city, so I knew that business would be great for me.

On this night there seemed to be a buzz of excitement in the air. There was even a bright shinning star, that shinned brighter than any star I had ever seen, in the northern sky close to my inn.

As the night went along and more and more guests came and left, I was finally about to call it quits. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door and opened it to find a young couple. The man looked tired, as if he had ran a marathon to get to me, and his wife, holding her bloated stomach, revealed to me that she was very close to giving birth.

He told me his name was Joseph and his wife was named Mary and that they needed a room because she was close to going into labor. Something about this couple was different from anyone I had seen that night.

As much as I wanted to help them, I had no room at all. I also knew that I couldn’t just take a room from one of my paying customers. I don’t know how to help birth a child or anything like that, so I couldn’t help that way anyway.

I apologized to them and told them I have no room but said there were some caves close by where many shepherds would rest while they watched over their flocks, and I assured them they would have a sort of peace and privacy there.

I worried about that young couple for most of the night but could not stop to go check on them. I kept promising myself I would call for a doctor the next day or do something to help, but the next day brought word that Mary had given birth.

Perhaps God sent Mary and Joseph to me to open my eyes. Maybe it was to show that I need to help all of the people who come to my inn. It’s possible it was something bigger that I’ll never understand. Either way, I will likely never forget the night that Joseph and Mary came to my inn looking for a place for Jesus to be born.

Read the Christmas series disclaimer.
We understand the innkeeper may have never felt or thought what is told here.

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Cover Photo: george erws

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