A narrative of Jesus’ birth in the perspective of King Herod

I am Herod the Great. I am king. I am appointed by Rome to rule over Israel and Judah. I have built palaces, theaters, fortresses, and cities. I have killed my own. I restored the temple in Jerusalem. I am feared by all but fear no one. Until now.

I was just visited by Magi from the East. They claimed they saw a star in the sky, signifying the birth of the King of the Jews through the line of King David. The Messiah had been born. WHAT?! Will this person take my throne? Do they expect me to hand it over?

I brought in my finest aides. We sat and discussed for hours how to find this child. We must find this child without making the parents aware of our motives. We devised a plan. I told the Magi to go and find the newborn and when they found him, return and tell me where he is so I could go and “worship” him. Royal-brilliance. This plan seemed flawless. But, it seemed to backfire. They haven’t returned yet. They certainly should have by now. Did they find him? Did they get lost? Or stop searching? What can I do to make sure the throne remains in my hands? I must destroy him.

How do I find him? How do I know when I have truly found the one they call the Messiah? I must locate him. At all costs. Again, I sought council from my advisers. Some were not buying the stories. To be honest, this whole situation seems ridiculous. A newborn expected to be King? But how can I be so sure? How can I be sure, if it is or isn’t true? I must kill him. My advisers suggested an extermination. Or all male children that could be this ‘one’ they speak of. I have ordered the killing of every male child in Bethlehem and the surrounding region that are two years old or younger from the information from the Magi. If a “King” was actually born, there’s no chance of the throne slipping through my own hands. I am in charge, and I will remain in charge.

I am king.

Read the Christmas series disclaimer.
We understand King Herod may have never felt or thought what is told here.

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