A narrative of Jesus’ birth in the perspective of a wise man

Do you notice anyone missing from this picture? I’ll help you out, it’s me. But guess what, I’m not actually missing. I wasn’t even there.

I’m fairly well educated in terms of the Old Testament but also have experience in astrology, interpreting dreams, and magic. My colleagues and I saw the star and traveled to Jerusalem to find out where exactly the baby Jesus had been born.

King Herod found out about the birth of baby Jesus and freaked out fearing that one day Jesus might try to overtake his throne. So the king gathered a bunch of priests and scribes, who told Herod, and me, that He had been born in the town of Bethlehem in accordance with the prophecies.

After this, Herod had a secret meeting with me and some others, and he told us to travel to Bethlehem and report back to him when we found the child. With this, we began our journey to Bethlehem.

I, contrary to popular belief, was not present at the time of Mary’s birth. We didn’t even get there in the following weeks. It was more like a year or two later. It took us a while because after we initially saw the star, we then traveled from the east to Jerusalem. Like I said, I spoke to Herod and prepared for my trip which also took some time. Finally, me and the guys actually traveled to Bethlehem. We used the main trade route (800 mi.), and it took us around forty days. So, we finally got to Bethlehem, and we asked around to find the baby. We finally came to the home and we weren’t exactly sure it was the right palace.  We knocked on the door anyways and a young woman opened the door. In the far side of the room was, at this point, the toddler in cloth with a pot sitting nearby.

So a bit of perspective, we were expecting a royal child who was living large, yet we encountered a child running around the house yelling jibberish. Nevertheless, we three kings presented the Lord with gifts of gold, a precious metal commonly associated with royalty; frankincense, the only fragrance allowed on the altar; and myrrh, a sap used in incense and perfume.

Now that Jesus has received his presents, all we needed to do was tell Herod where Jesus resided. Well, we decided not to report back. We had strangely all been warned in a dream not to inform Herod of Jesus’ location, so we returned to our homes – being careful to avoid King Herod while Mary, Joseph, and Jesus fled to Egypt.

Us magi were some pretty important people in the Christmas story. We eventually helped Jesus flee to Egypt and gave him some pretty nice gifts, too. So, I guess, the moral of the story is: the next time you see us in a nativity scene, take us out.

Not really. That was a little extreme, but do let them serve as a reminder of how people viewed Jesus, even as a baby, as holy and royal.


Fun Fact: When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour.*

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We understand wise men may have never felt, thought, or done what is told here.

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Cover Photo: Ministry-to-Children | We do not own this photo.
Fact Credit: ArcaMax


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