A narrative of Jesus’ birth in the perspective of Joseph

Taking Mary as my wife was something I had waited for for some time. I love her, and I was excited to be married to her.

But that all changed when she came to me and told me that she was pregnant. I immediately knew that the baby was not mine – after all, we weren’t yet married. Mary had concocted this crazy story about how she was still a virgin and that the baby was the son of God. I thought it was a pretty crazy excuse for what I assumed had been a mistake, and knew immediately that I had to leave her. I loved her, and I knew that if I made her condition public she would face great ridicule. I made up my mind to break off our engagement quietly and move on with my life – or try to anyway.

A bit later, I fell asleep in my workshop and an angel appeared to me in a dream and affirmed everything that Mary had told me! As crazy as it sounded, I believed Mary and I made the decision to follow what the angel had told me and marry Mary.

Now that we’ve traveled back to Bethlehem and Mary seems ready to deliver any time the reality of what is coming has begun to hit me. Not only is my wife about to have a baby, but we’ve been told that this baby is the son of God. What will he be like? How can we parent him? What will it be like to have a child of God in our home? Why are we being trusted with this? Are we crazy for believing it?

I have so many questions. So. many. questions. Mary has been the epitome of faith since the beginning – and I will trust. But I have so many questions.

Mary says she’s getting close. We’ve found a cave on the outskirts of the city. Who knew that the son of God (still mind blowing…) would be born in a cave in a little place like Bethlehem?

Read the Christmas series disclaimer.
We understand that Joseph may have never felt or thought what is told here.

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Cover Photo: Steven Lilley

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