A narrative of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of you & me

We were created and harmonious with God. We spent time with Him! We would walk in the garden with Him. We listened. We obeyed. We worshiped. We enjoyed all that He had created for us. We had one rule, and it was easy enough to follow.

We met a serpent that seemed honest. We enjoyed the thought of being as great as Him, but we weren’t sure. Still, we listened. We obeyed. (She did it first. No, it’s his fault.)

We were naked.

We hid from Him. We had broken the only rule! We were so ashamed, but what were we to do? We would die. We were found by Him and given a curse, but we were also given a promise to be rejoined to Him through a Savior.

We left.

We were in pain. We had to work. We had children! We saw them kill. We had to leave. We created more and more of ourselves. We disobeyed. We saw the world become nasty. We heard from the Lord and heard His threat to humanity. We worked diligently to create an escape, and we, without success, warned our family, our neighbors, our city, our world. We brought animals into our escape. We saw rain from the sky and water from the ground create a flood on earth. We were safe, but we saw the warned die. We waited for a long time, but eventually, the water stopped.

We walked on land again. We started creating population once more. We existed long after the story of the escapees became history. We decided we wanted to reach heaven, so we began to build. We were getting higher… and higher!

We couldn’t understand each other.

We found the ones like us who we could understand and left the area. We all went different directions. We populated in our newfound tribes. We became comfortable.

We were told to leave from familiarity and go to the unknown. We were given a promise from God again that a nation would be made of us, and we were given new names. We weren’t sure what it meant, truly.

We were told to kill the son, and we didn’t understand. But, we listened. We obeyed. We were stopped. We worshiped by sacrificing a ram instead.

We tricked and stole from our brother. We were sold into slavery by our brothers. We were in prison. We interpreted dreams to become practically royal. We saw our brothers again and showed love despite our problems rooted in their decisions.

We saw a few hundred years pass. We were imprisoned by a pharaoh. We were forced to work for a man who did not accept our God. We were abused, hurt, and killed. We needed freedom, and we couldn’t get it on our own. We needed a savior.

We heard from the Lord and told the pharaoh to let us go. We heard a strong, “No.” We went back to our God. We saw God test the pharaoh, but he still said no. We saw sons die; we heard grieving.

We left.

We journeyed for so long. We saw bread fall from the sky. We were given ten laws. We worshiped wrongly even though we knew the truth. We were almost destroyed. We built a tabernacle.

We finally made it to the promised land. We crossed a river that was stopped by God’s power. We saw it split, and we walked on dry ground.

We were told to go to battle, and we didn’t believe we could win. We believed God could win, but we weren’t sure how. Still, we fought. We won! Then, we came to a wall. We stayed there for 7 days, and finally, we saw the walls fall only after the trumpet and our shout. We know it was only from God.

We received a tall and handsome king, but we later saw him disobey. We saw a musician destroy a giant, and we made him king. We heard that God promised that the savior would come through our new king. We had lost the ark, but we defeated the Philistines. We have it again!

We had our ark, but we were still waiting on the Savior.

We built a temple under our most wise king.

We saw the temple destroyed.

We were taken captive.

We were freed.

We waited.

And waited.

We waited 10 years.

We waited for another 100 years.

We still had not heard anything from God.

We started to lose hope we would ever hear from Him.

We had gone 2oo years since hearing from Him.

We were scared the Savior wouldn’t arrive.

We still worshiped Him despite it.

We asked if He would come soon.

We wanted him to come.

Three hundred years.

We still waited.

400 YEARS!





He’s here.

Read the Christmas series disclaimer.
We understand that you and I may have never felt or thought what is told here.
The phrase, “You & me,” is used as an assumed pronoun combination to mean us as the people of God.
We also understand many stories in the Old Testament are not included.

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Cover Photo: Kevin Dooley

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