A love letter to the church.

Dear church,

I love you.

But we can’t go on like this.

You’ve always been there for me. Since the day I was born. For twenty three years you have given me community that has helped become the man I am today. You helped raise me. You taught me who Jesus is and who I am in Him. You have given me opportunity. You’ve taught me to love God and love people. You’ve introduced me to the power you have in the building of the Kingdom, near and far.

But lately, I fear for our sake.

Jesus gave you to me as a form of community surrounded and fixed on Him. Our main goal is to be unified to reach the world in Jesus’s name. But I fear that’s been lost.

Your focus seems off. Your first love doesn’t seem to be your bridegroom at times.

I can’t help but see your agenda isn’t the same. I can’t help but see that sometimes we push “me” before “Him”. I get it. It’s easy to be focused on ourselves. It’s in the nature of things to put “me” first. But when did we let that be okay? When did it become okay to push our humanly will first? When did we lose focus on the greater good? On what’s best for all of us as a whole? On what will bring us closer to Jesus and to a deeper love of Him?

I love you church, I do. But I’m afraid.

I praise God to be able to come together with His people freely. I love being able to gather in the Spirit of the Lord in worship and fellowship. But why do you seem so consumed in corrupt attitudes?

I hate that sometimes you focus more on presentation than substance. I hate that change is suppressed and rejected. I hate that your “codes” are more important than biblical truth. I fear the fact that sometimes you believe that a leader is the ultimate source of a true love of Jesus. I fear you you feel gatherings should be focused individual needs or comforts. I fear that sometimes you believe God’s Word can only be truly understood in one specific layout of wording. I fear the “i” in unity has been emphasized too much.

I praise Jesus for you, church. But I pray that you are awakened.

I pray you see there is so much more than agendas. I pray you see there is so much more than elder leadership. I pray you see God is in control of you and not your members. I pray you see that the next generation is your future. I pray you see the next generation truly loves Jesus, though they may do things differently. I pray you see that generations are hurting within you and something is done in love and compassion.

I pray you see that you are made up of a group of lovers of Jesus who strive to lead others to you, but you see we are not perfect nor do we always know best.

I pray you act in grace and compassion, but see where that we often fail in doing so.

I pray you fight the good fight. I pray you chase after Jesus. I pray you lay aside you selfish desires and work for unity.

I adore you, church. I adore you because Christ has given you to me as family; as community.

But I cannot stand silent when I see you drifting from your purpose. I hope you return to your first love in Jesus. I pray we return to being unified in Christ, in one mind and one heart. I pray we return into a functioning body, realizing that each of your members serves an important role.

I love you, church. I know you love me. I desire so much to see Jesus’s name known. I desire to see every human come to know and love you. I desire for strong community that can be overcome by no one.

I desire to see us return to Jesus. To return to unity. To return to worship. To return to justice. To return to authenticity. To return to graciousness. To return to inclusion.

I love you, church. I love you as the bride of Christ.

But I pray for love to be central in our hearts, in our relations within you and those outside of you, and in our goal as the bridegroom. To make Jesus known and care for the world in one heart and one mind.

Church, you are the hope of the world through gospel of Jesus.



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One thought on “A love letter to the church.

  1. Sam, this is so on the mark, and I am certain there are MANY of us who feel this same way. I too am praying for all of the things you are asking. I’m also praying for an awakening of the church body, and a return to the focus of what God desires, as opposed to what man desires.

    Very well written.


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