10 guidelines to determine God’s will

When we're lost, maps are helpful. Many times we find ourselves struggling to choose the right path but we're not sure which one will lead us to where we want to go. We have big decisions that we want God's advice on, but he doesn't seem to hear us. We pray and pray and even … Continue reading 10 guidelines to determine God’s will

3 youths who displayed amazing faith

A common consensus among our culture today is that teenagers are lazy and don't tend to be very eager to serve Christ. I would bet that many people thought the same way during bible times. It's assumed that since teenagers are so easily impressed upon that we will always follow the crowd. Here are three … Continue reading 3 youths who displayed amazing faith

His Testimony

You've heard a little bit about my testimony here and there but today we are going to talk about someone else's. Jesus'... Oftentimes we don't think of Jesus having a personal testimony but He does. We don't picture Him getting up in front of His church and telling people how he devoted His life to Himself, … Continue reading His Testimony

Show off

This year I joined my church's youth band. People tell us we're great but we don't exactly love to "perform". We don't mind to play for the youth on Wednesday nights but we aren't exactly elated to play for anyone else. Most of us don't like to be in front of people anyway, but we groan … Continue reading Show off

Walk It Out (pt.2)

Last week I asked you to think about and process Jeremiah 29:11 for a little bit. If you didn't, it's okay. This is a verse I've never paid a whole lot of attention to because it's so often used by pastors and others, which doesn't make sense for me not to have studied  it closer. But, anyways, … Continue reading Walk It Out (pt.2)

Walk it out (pt.1)

Having faith can be difficult. For me, it's one of my biggest struggles. Putting my life and my future into the hands of someone I have never physically met is a challenge for me. So, this week I want to present a verse to you that you have probably heard before but I can never … Continue reading Walk it out (pt.1)