Humble Confidence

Confidence is something I've always struggled with growing up. (I'm writing this in the context that I never really grew up.) I also know confidence is a struggle for many other people taking part in this thing scholars, philosophers, a mothers call life. Some people don't struggle with confidence. They walk, talk, eat, and sleep … Continue reading Humble Confidence

Define Me

Ever since I was little, I have always taken school very seriously. I study for tests, take every chance to get extra credit, and make sure my grades are never below average. Ultimately, I’ve been a pretty good student my whole life. I never had to worry much in elementary and middle school about keeping … Continue reading Define Me

I’m not okay

“I’m good.” Raise your hand if you have ever responded to the question ‘How are you?’ this way? Now put it down because you’re reading a blog by yourself and no one else can see your hand. No one really raised their hand, I know. I think we always assume that most people expect nothing … Continue reading I’m not okay

5 things to give up for Lent that will actually help you

This year, and every year, we should focus on God.. You might have had a New Years resolution to do that, but it fell through (like most of them). Use this season of giving things up to rekindle that desire to grow closer and walk with God as much as you can. 1. Gossip This … Continue reading 5 things to give up for Lent that will actually help you

10 guidelines to determine God’s will

When we're lost, maps are helpful. Many times we find ourselves struggling to choose the right path but we're not sure which one will lead us to where we want to go. We have big decisions that we want God's advice on, but he doesn't seem to hear us. We pray and pray and even … Continue reading 10 guidelines to determine God’s will

A love letter to the church.

Dear church, I love you. But we can't go on like this. You've always been there for me. Since the day I was born. For twenty three years you have given me community that has helped become the man I am today. You helped raise me. You taught me who Jesus is and who I … Continue reading A love letter to the church.

How to become perfect (sort of)

Cade Gibson | Author, That Guy Over the past few months, I have been drawn to watch a show called Fixer Upper. For those of you that don't know, this show is about a couple from Texas who take a family's dream home and make it a reality with what they have. They pick from 3 different houses, … Continue reading How to become perfect (sort of)