Invest Your Wealth

Any new business or group always seeks out one thing as a start up: investments. They need someway to pay their way to a successful future. They seek out people who can invest in their dream to allow that dream to come full circle. Investments allow those who invest to own part of the company … Continue reading Invest Your Wealth

My Heart’s Desire

A widely discussed topic among individuals my age is love, relationships, and marriage. Is there a specific person for each of us? What should we look for in that┬áspecial someone?┬áMy answer: I don't know. Luckily, that is not what this post is about (I apologize if I led you on...). I have the blessed opportunity … Continue reading My Heart’s Desire

“Go.” Or don’t.

For anyone who isn't sure about this whole "Jesus thing" you should understand that the ultimate millennial-aged Christian's goal is to travel to a poor, third-world country and visit orphaned children who need a white person to play soccer with (please note there is some sarcasm in my words). I say this because I myself … Continue reading “Go.” Or don’t.