First Thing’s First

We can get our priorities mixed up all the time. It's extremely easy to do and we all do it. Sometimes we concentrate on work too much and don't give enough attention to our families, or sometimes we are involved in sports and can forget about practically everything. I get my priorities mixed up. I'm … Continue reading First Thing’s First

Dear Heart, Please Shut Up.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone looked at this title and thought "I don't want to read that", so good for you all who read it any way. My youth pastor spoke on this topic (sort of) a little while back and ruined a really good song for me. It was called "Follow your Heart" … Continue reading Dear Heart, Please Shut Up.

Let God be God

     I recently went on a mission trip in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It wasn't my first mission trip but it was still an awesome experience. I made some new friends, got closer to people in my youth group, painted a church, and kinda shared the Gospel; but, one of the most important things I learned … Continue reading Let God be God


I was raised in the South so my parents always taught me to say "yes ma'am" and "no sir". I was taught that everyone deserved a certain amount of respect whether you knew them or not. With that being said, if we wear casual clothing or a hat in church we aren't exactly being sinful. Some … Continue reading R-E-S-P-E-C-T

A Little Churchin’ in It

Last week I talked about what a (Church/church) is and I kind of got impatient with the Church half and spoiled this week a little bit. Oh well. This is a topic I am pretty passionate about, so hopefully you can pick something up from this. The Church is a family of believers that anyone and everyone … Continue reading A Little Churchin’ in It