but God

Before I was even born, people have always made predictions about what bad things would or wouldn't happen to me, but God has always ended up doing something amazing and beautiful to prove them wrong. According to some medical professionals, I was never supposed to make it here. Even after God had His way and … Continue reading but God

Attendance vs. Attention

  It is with immense joy and great honor I introduce our newest guest writer. I have known this fella for his entire life. I have also seen him break more bones than there are chapters in Psalms (that’s slightly exaggerated).  I’ve had the opportunity of teaching, mentoring and learning with him. I promise you’ll … Continue reading Attendance vs. Attention

Who Even Are You?

Hello! You may have noticed the new domain! We're super excited that we have been able to upgrade to something more (for lack of a better word) legit. We've been writing so much over the past few months and are very thankful for those of you who have been reading. You all give us drive … Continue reading Who Even Are You?

The Good Portion

Last week, I introduced the topic of being busy. The text I put along with it is not exactly related to busyness in reality, but what it seems to mean is terribly important. So, let's get into it. Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him … Continue reading The Good Portion

Walk it out (pt.1)

Having faith can be difficult. For me, it's one of my biggest struggles. Putting my life and my future into the hands of someone I have never physically met is a challenge for me. So, this week I want to present a verse to you that you have probably heard before but I can never … Continue reading Walk it out (pt.1)