Is God Really Good All The Time?

We've all heard the saying, "God is good all the time and all the time God is good." I'm sure that you had already finished saying it in your head before you even read it, because that's just how common it is. However, sometimes life can be extremely hard and overbearing. We go through heartache, … Continue reading Is God Really Good All The Time?

The Church: danger zone

Stop. Do not enter. Unless, you know, you want to be endlessly judged, stared at, told what you're doing wrong and the like. More often than not, those not already plugged into a church will not enter solely based off of fear of judgement, rejection, or isolation. "I've been a member of my church for … Continue reading The Church: danger zone

Just tell me what to do now

I was not scheduled to write at all in January. I didn't know why. This is why. January was filled with firsts. The first time I'd been around 50,000+ people. The first time I'd fully gotten into learning more about God. The first time I'd realized how much I'm being pushed to God by others. … Continue reading Just tell me what to do now

Hashtag Goals.

Relationships today, like most things, are not what they used to be. We have social media telling us we need to achieve all these crazy #relationshipgoals and TV and movies portraying some not so wholesome and pure relationships. In church we are told to look for significant others who love the Lord and share our … Continue reading Hashtag Goals.